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Why join? Because good neighborhoods don’t just happen. They’re the result of a community working together. OIPA’s members have successfully tackled countless issues, together, since 1983.

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By joining OIPA, you can make a difference. Some of OIPA’s accomplishments include:

  • Blocked the construction of an asphalt plant adjacent to residential homes
  • Worked with the city and neighbors to downzone many areas, so that fewer out of scale buildings would be constructed
  • Campaigned against replacing single homes with two or more on one lot, thereby preserving greenspace and street parking
  • Hosted candidate forums for the community with elected officials and those seeking public office
  • Helped create neighborhood Kolmar playlot
  • Financed public art appearing on neighborhood viaducts and planters
  • Fostered beautification through the street banner program and planters along the Irving Park Road corridor

You can join and pay with credit, debit, or check by completing this online form.

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